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Want To Know Within How Many Weeks Can You Get An Abortion?

Abortion is a medical procedure of ending a pregnancy. Termination of pregnancyentirely depends on how many weeks pregnant you are.Based on weeks, the abortion is undertaken.You may have a choice between medication (taking medicinesto end pregnancy) or by having a surgical abortion.Also, the number of abortion you can have within a two year span is 3-4 maximum. More than that can affect your chances of having further babies. If you are less than 9 weeks pregnant then you may be given a pill or medicine that terminates pregnancy and if you are you are less than 13 weeks pregnant your practitioner will decide on a surgical method that is less painful, takes around 10 minutes and doesn’t require anesthetic. In case your pregnancy lies between 13 to 19 weeks then you may be given a general anesthetic during the process. If you are above 19 weeks pregnant, you might requirestaying over for one or two nights under medical care.Various methods can be adopted to undergo abortion. The best ones are mentioned below:

Want To Know Within How Many Weeks Can You Get An Abortion?

Medication abortion-Upto 9 weeks of your expectancy

Under this method, generally an abortion pillis taken by the woman at the doctor’s clinic to end early pregnancy. The woman is given two pills each after certain time gap. Initially one pill mifepristone is given to the patient and later after six to seventy two hours another medicine misoprostol is given. The abortion begins after one to four hours after taking the misoprostol. Most women feel better after taking medicines, though some get the feeling of dizziness or vomiting. This is the time when bleeding and cramps start that last for about couple of hours. You will have to visit to the doctorabout a week later to be sure that the abortion is complete.

Aspiration abortion- Upto 16 weeks of your pregnancy

It is a procedure of ending the pregnancy of not more than 16 weeks. The abortion takes place under the doctor’s supervision in the clinic or hospital. The abortion period takes 5-10 minutes. Under this, a physician uses medical instrument to remove the foetus from the womb.Doctor usually give an antibiotic and asks the patient for complete rest. If patients come across some serious problems like heavy bleeding, pain in the abdomen or formation of pus, they canconsult theirdoctor any time whenever needed. This method is safe and convenient as it is performed under the specialist guidance and care.

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