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Tips And Tricks Of Minecraft That You Don’t Know About

Playing Minecraft free is something that most children and adults are playing at the moment. There are many things that a Minecraft player should know about, to make the game even more fun. There’s so many people that don’t know about all the tips and tricks that can make playing the game more fun. Here’s some of the best tips and tricks of Minecraft that you didn’t know.

Tips And Tricks Of Minecraft That You Don’t Know About

Torches Placed Under Gravel

If you are placing torches under gravel that you want to get rid of, it will break up the gravel for you. The only thing that you should know, is that you should let the gravel fall more than two blocks down.

The one thing about Minecraft that can be frustrating, is the gravel blocks that you need to get rid of, to be able to build a steady building. But, with this trick, you will be able to get rid of the gravel, much faster.

Pressure Plates

If you want to add water, without worrying about the water spilling over, and flooding your entire house, then you can always use the pressure plates.

The pressure plates can hold water and lava, without the worrying that the lava or the water can spill over. This is a great trick that you can remember, for when you want to use water in your home or in a building.

Sign and Ladders

If you have played Minecraft before, you most probably had a problem with water and lava, spreading everywhere, just because you made a mistake. But, the one thing that most Minecraft players don’t know is that when you are struggling with spilled water or lava, placing signs and ladders all over, will stop the water or the lava from spreading.

Tips And Tricks Of Minecraft That You Don’t Know About

This means that you don’t need to start over, just because you have flooded your home or building with water or lava. By placing these signs and ladders on strategic places, will ensure that the water or lava doesn’t spread any further.

We all like playing Minecraft, but there are some times, that you wish that you had an idea how to stop your water from spilling, or even how to get rid of your gravel even faster. With these tips and tricks, you will never have to struggle with water or lava spreading and to struggle to get rid of all your gravel. There are some easier ways to play Minecraft with knowing the tips and tricks.

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