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This Is Why You Should Work With Mohamed Hamdoun

I am not a fan of the internet or social media but recently, during my once in a while encounters with the internet, I came across some really bad writings on Mohamed Hamdoun, a friend and a colleague. When I read it first, I was in total shock, then I was horrified and completely disturbed about how one single write- up could damage the reputation of a virtuous man. One thing I know is that words possess so much power and they should therefore be used after objectively and critically analyzing a situation. I am not writing this to redeem his image but to simply point out the truth that will somehow enable people to view him in a different light. Mohammed Hamdoun

Allow me to tell you my story, after graduating from college with a degree in architecture, I visited almost every construction company in search of a job; actually any job because I had become so desperate to the point that I would take up any job for my family’s sake. As fate would have it, I knocked on the doors of Archistyle and Design where I met Mohamed Hamdoun. At first glance, he did not strike me as a repulsive person, he actually looked quite fatherly and I was able to confirm this during our short conversation where he asked me to report for work the next Monday.

Having no prior construction experience, you can bet that I had pretty difficult time learning and catching up with the rest of the employees. Now, each time he visited the construction site, he carefully evaluated the project and the ease in which each employee was operating. I must admit that I was first afraid of what his feedback would be keeping in mind that I was not effective as the rest of the employees; to my surprise, he directed one of the senior employees to mentor me and make sure that I acquired all the relevant skills needed to see the successful completion of the commercial building project we were working on.

Now, who wouldn’t consider the whole scenario a blessing? Today, I am a renowned construction consultant and I owe all my success to Mohamed Hamdoun who did not give up on me; he actually saw something in me that has propelled me to this level. It is now easy to understand why I was horrified by the bad stuff written about him.

If I was asked to describe him, I would not fail to mention his commitment and dedication to his duties. He understands the risk that comes with establishing substandard projects; if you are a lover of shortcuts, you will have a really hard time working with him. This however does not mean that he creates a robot- like working environment; he sets reasonable targets that can be achieved by everyone. The bottom-line is that he is concerned about developing quality projects.

I would recommend any beginner to work in Mohamed Hamdoun’s projects where their input will be truly appreciated.

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