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The World Is Waiting, How About An African Safari

Our time is limited, and there are so few opportunities to grab some time for real adventure. When vacation time rolls around we simply fall into a habit of doing the same old things, perhaps the same old things our parents did when it was time for their vacations. There is something to be said for family tradition, but how about starting up a new one that steps a bit further outside the norm, and opens wide the doors of experience.

We live in a great big world with many sights to be seen that are off the beaten path. Sometimes the road less traveled is the one that has the most to offer. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to sit down and make a list of all the places in the world that might interest you. At this stage in the game, don’t push options off the plate for any reason; simply write down anyplace that seems interesting. The next step will be to do a little Internet research on the places you listed, not to find reasons not to go there, but rather to make a list of ten things each location offers that you really would like to experience. If Africa is on your list you might list taking an African safari on your to do list. If Australia is on your list, you might put something on there about going on an eco tour. Look for times of year when events that might fit your interests occur. Think about whether you would want to have a relaxing trip, an adventurous trip, or even a romantic trip, and choose activities that fit into those categories.

The World Is Waiting, How About An African Safari

Think about what environments and what comfort levels you desire for your accommodations as well. Will this be a high-end comfortable trip, or are you looking to go camping out under the stars where you can experience the natural wonders of the location. Are you looking for a guided African safari, or are you looking for more independent opportunities for exploration like unguided hikes? You might not know yet exactly what type of things you want to do yet, and this is ok. You can simply list all the possibilities that catch your eye. What have other travelers done while visiting each location, and how have they rated their experiences? This list of locations might grow as you find begin to explore the world on your computer. You may be inspired to add or remove locations based on what you find. A really great goal is to have a list of your top ten vacation destinations by the end of this brainstorming, information-gathering spree.

Talk about this list and all of the new possibilities you have discovered with your partner, or with your family and have them help you decide on the first one to plan. The rest becomes your travel bucket list. Each time you have an opportunity for a vacation think outside the old standards and choose a new adventure, one that will be far more memorable.

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