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The Most Effective Apps and Games Distribution Solutions

In our daily life, smartphones are transforming our lives. People are much engaged in new games and apps. Only a few years ago, there was small number of mobile phones. But now, these mobile phones are in abundant around the globe. The rise in smartphone penetration combined with a growing appetite among consumers for mobile data consumption is opening up opportunities for a wealth of new services from mobile operators. As demand of smartphones is rising, mobile data services demands are also rising on other end. There are many apps and games distribution solutions that can help people to download different types of games and apps. Managing and distribution are quite easy by using these effective solutions.

App Store (iOS) is a digital distribution for games and different kind of applications. This App Store is maintained by Apple Inc. There are various games and apps are developed by Apple’s iOS SDK. These apps can be downloaded on Apple’s device easily. Now, App Store has crossed 100 billion downloads.

Amazon Appstore for Android is a unique app store. This is an app store for Android devices operated by In this appstore, 70% of the list price of the app or in app purchase is paid to the developers. Amazon Appstore has a unique feature i.e. “Free App of the Day”. By using this Appstore, one can download an app or games for free. Exceptions to Amazon’s Payments are made by the free app of the day feature. The app store has about 334,000 apps on June 2015.

BlackBerry World is an application distribution platform developed by BlackBerry Ltd. This platform is developed for BlackBerry devices. By using this platform, user can browse, download and update third party applications. BlackBerry has the largest revenue per app compared to Apple App Store and Google Play. There are 234,000 apps are available in BlackBerry World. BlackBerry World has about 4 billion downloads.

Google Play is a digital distribution platform operated by Google. For Android Operating System, Google Play is an official app store. By using this platform, user can browse and download apps which are developed by Android SDK. These games are published through Google. It has around 1,900,000 apps in 2016. Google Play has above 50 billion downloads.

The Most Effective Apps and Games Distribution Solutions

Urduface is a new and unique app store in the world of app distribution platforms. This is a first ever app store developed by Pakistan. It supports all type of Android devices. All apps and games are distributed by category. Searching, browsing and downloading are very easy in this app store. User doesn’t need to make any new account or email id to download the games. All apps are interesting and thrilling. Urduface is developed in 2016 and it is becoming eminent app store in Pakistan.

Windows Store is application distribution platform for Microsoft Windows. Primary means of distributing is Metro-Style apps. In this app store, both free and paid apps can be distributed. On Windows Store, developers from 120 countries can submit their games and applications. Windows Store has more than 207,348 apps.

Opera Mobile Store is an app distribution platform for device owners and developers. This platform is used by more than 40,000 developers around the world. Opera Mobile Store allows users to browse and download different types of applications and games. These apps can be downloaded over 7,500 devices on Android, Java, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, iOS and windows mobile. This platform has over 1 million downloads per day.

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