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Make The Most Of Your Hot Tub Time

If you’ve bought yourself to a new hot tub or spa this summer then you may as well use it to it’s full potential. Of course many people are quite happy to just laze around in the warm water on a warm sunny day, but equally many more people want to benefit from everything it has to offer. So, what are the benefits you can gain from it and what can you add that would be helpful? We asked Aqua Spa Supplies.


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If your main aim is to benefit from the relaxation a hot tub can provide then you may as well take it to a whole new level. Try adding one of the aromatherapy fragrances that are available to enhance your experience. InSPAration have been manufacturing a range of suitable products for hot tubs and spas for over 35 years so you can be sure of getting a reliable product. Try a variety of different fragrances such as Apple Delight, Musk Magic or Gardenia to name but a few to uplift or relax you. They will not affect water chemistry or the pH level and are ideal for masking any chemical odours that are present.


Other well known brands include Spazazz fragrances which are also suitable for hot tub and spa use. These are all blends of natural botanicals, which although they are oil free will make a good job of moisturising your body whilst relaxing in the water. Try the Honey Mango for a sweet smelling experience or if you need a fragrance to stimulate the senses then try the Eucalyptus Mint variety instead. Other fragrances include Ocean Mist for tranquility, Tropical Rain to revitalise or Warm French Vanilla for a sense of calm. There is literally a fragrance for everyone so just take your pick and lay back and let your senses experience a real treat.

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