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Latest But Effective Way Of Advertising – Pranking!

Yes, you heard that right! Pranking is the latest way of advertising products which also proves to effective in terms of saving ad-making costs for the enterprise. For people who are unaware of what a prank is, it is usually an intended joke on a particular person who is unsuspecting of the prank. Pranks are usually done to scare a person, but in this case it proves to attract customers as well!

Companies which sell horror products usually target loyal horror fan boys. They have to find innovative ways to sell their products as the market is not easy but keeps changing depending upon how exactly ‘horror’ is defined at that particular period.

Horror movies greatly affect people about how horror can be defined, whether it can be sensed by the distant smell of blood, the thrill of saying Bloody Mary out loud in our restroom expecting a ghost from nowhere, it all depends on how movies portray horror. Recent movies like Conjuring, Insidious and the infamous Paranormal Activity series have instilled deep horror in its viewers about how they see horror and what makes them scared.

Latest But Effective Way Of Advertising – Pranking!

Advertising Successfully Through Youtube

People generally do not expect guests who visit their homes to run away after staying in for 5 minutes. If you are one of the other sides, you can very well buy horror decorations for your home which comes in a variety of designs and functions. AtmosFX Digital Decorations filters out loyal fans of horror by an innovative paranormal activity prank based advertisement released on YouTube a few weeks back.

At the beginning of the video, an overfriendly woman greets a food delivery man inside her house. The unsuspecting man patiently while the lady fetches her money from the living room. In the meanwhile, he has nothing to do but to observe his new surroundings which includes an unnaturally large portrait of a woman. Some chairs are laid out in the hall and books are seen arranged neatly on a book shelf. However the events unfolding leaves the man dumbfounded when books start to fall, the chair starts to sway which makes him extremely conscious of his weird surroundings. At the climax of the video, the seemingly calm woman’s face on the portrait transforms into a ghastly vampire and almost tried to pounce on him from the picture with sound effects.

This was experimented on several delivery men who visited the woman’s house and each one of them were scared out of their wits. While some of them even ran outside without the money. This is one of the innovative digital decorations that can adorn your house in case you are a horror fan which is sold by AtmosFX.

These products are gaining popularity in the market and companies ensure that they do through their innovative advertising which scares even the viewers of the video from their homes!

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