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How To Lay Out Your Kitchen For Beauty and Convenience

Are you finally getting your dream kitchen? If you’re ready to remodel your cooking space, it can be easy to get caught up in aesthetic features like stainless steel appliances and shiny granite countertops. However, the functionality of your kitchen is also important because you and your family will be doing a lot of work in there. Read on to discover how you can lay out your new kitchen for both beauty and convenience.

How To Lay Out Your Kitchen For Beauty and Convenience

Create a Work Triangle

The most important consideration in your kitchen layout is keeping the main essentials close at hand. That means your stove, refrigerator and sink need to be in proximity to one another. An effective way to accomplish this is to use the work triangle layout. Place two of these elements along the wall and the third in front or use an l-shaped design to work them into a handy corner. This staple of kitchen layout ensures

Add an Island

There are many reasons to include a functional island in your kitchen remodeling project. Islands provide valuable meal prep space in large kitchens and can take the place of a dining table in cramped kitchens. Whatever the size of your kitchen, an island makes a cozy space where the family can gather for breakfast and other informal meals. Styles range from a simple countertop to more elaborate islands that include sinks and cooktops.

Utilize Vertical Space

No matter how big your kitchen is, you can always use more storage for all those pots, pans and gadgets. When it comes to maximizing storage, think vertical. Have your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling or add shelves above your cabinets to store infrequently used items. You can also add drawers below cabinets to take advantage of unused space.

Play Zone Defense

If you have a big family, a zone layout is the perfect solution for your busy kitchen. This design breaks up your space into separate zones for cooking, eating and entertaining, which makes it easy for everyone to gather without stepping on each other’s toes. You can also add an area for storing coats and backpacks, a small table for the kids or even a homework desk.

When designing your dream kitchen, keep in mind that it’s okay to break with tradition. If you want to forego the dining table or have open shelves instead of cabinets, go for it. The most important thing is that your unique kitchen layout suits your home’s style and your family’s needs.

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