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How to Keep Your Shipping Facility Safe and Up to Code

There are numerous potential dangers in a shipping facility. Everything in such facilities is in constant motion, and thus it’s incredibly daunting to predict what might happen next.

As a facility manager, it is essential to reduce potential hazards to prevent risks. With the right skills, you can drastically reduce accidents and injuries that prevent a facility from running smoothly.

How to Keep Your Shipping Facility Safe and Up to Code

Here are tips for maintaining safety in a shipping facility.

Lifting Safety

As said early, everything in a shipping facility is in constant motion. Therefore, workers are always in a hurry to load and unload inventory. Most of the time, they forget to lift an item correctly. To prevent injuries, the facility should provide dollies, weight belts, and lifting straps to reduce the likelihood of getting injuries.

Improper item lifting leads to back injuries and breakage of inventory. Besides providing workers with equipment for safe lifting, a facility should also train them on proper lifting techniques.

Mark Hazardous Materials

If your facility is shipping hazardous materials, you need to mark them to prevent accidents. Labeling the materials helps employees to handle them with the necessary care. A specific label indicating the nature of materials in a container is an essential safety tip.


One of the most effective ways to improve safety in a shipping facility is training employees. Taking time to train employees on safety tips is vital for people working around the shipping dock.

Training should not be for new employees only—a facility should strive to provide regular training sessions to stay on top of safety trends.

Avoid Slippery Floors

Slip and fall accidents are common in a warehouse or shipping facility, especially in the loading dock. During winter or when it’s raining, the floors get wet and slick. If you combine wet floors with grease and oil from equipment, disaster can happen anytime.

Besides keeping the area clean, it is imperative to eliminate any hazards on the floors. The best way to prevent slip and fall accidents is by installing a flooring material that maintains its grip, even when wet. There is a wide range of safe flooring materials. Select the right one for your facility and have it installed.

Traffic Instructions

Having instructions in place for truck drivers and those driving hi-lows, semi-trucks, or forklifts is important. This is done by putting traditional traffic markings to show everyone where they should be driving.

Additionally, mark blind corners or areas where visibility is obstructed to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

A shipping facility can be grounds for accidents and injuries, however, with the right precautions you can keep it safe for your employees.

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