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How Big Of A Mixer Do You Need For A Corner Bakery?

In communities across the U.S., corner bakeries are some of the most beloved. As people are able to walk by and smell the aroma of fresh bread, donuts, cakes, and other goodies coming to life, they can’t help but stop in to buy something. If you are in the planning stages of starting your own corner bakery, getting the right mixer will be one of your most important decisions. To know which size mixer is right for your bakery, here are some things to consider.

How Big Of A Mixer Do You Need For A Corner Bakery?

Different Kinds of Mixers

When determining the size of your mixer, you’ll first need to decide which type of mixer you need for your bakery. The three most common types of commercial mixers are spiral, horizontal, and planetary, which are often referred to as vertical mixers. When making large batches of different types of dough, a spiral mixer works well. However, if you’re wanting to do various tasks such as slicing and whipping with your mixer, a planetary mixer is a good choice, since it is equipped to use different attachments.

Countertop or Stand Mixer?

Depending on how much business you expect to be doing at your bakery, you’ll ultimately choose either a countertop or stand mixer. If you are looking at industrial mixers for your bakery, these are usually larger than 20 quarts and will sit directly on the floor. Should you expect to be doing a large volume of business, dedicate the right amount of floor space for your mixer.

How Much Will You Mix Daily?

As a commercial bakery, determining how much you will be mixing daily will dictate the type of mixer you purchase. For example, if you are a corner bakery that will primarily be selling an assortment of baked goods, you probably will not need a mixer larger than 20 quarts. However, if you plan on baking bread or other items and then providing them to other businesses such as stores and restaurants, chances are a floor model spiral mixer should be what you purchase. You can, of course, read more about different commercial mixers from companies that sell them.

What Will You Mix the Most?

Though industrial mixers are equipped to handle virtually any task needed in a corner bakery, still take time to think about what you will be mixing the most each day. Remember, all dough is not the same. Since the consistency of merengue and pizza dough can differ significantly, buy your mixer accordingly.

Once you get the right mixer in place and get your corner bakery up and running, your baked goods will soon be the talk of the town

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