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Finishing Touches: Making Your Rebuilt Car Look Its Best After You’ve Fixed Up The Inside

The amount of effort that goes into getting a rebuilt car running is definitely significant. It is not, however, all that you’ll have to do if you really want to get that car back on the road. Below are a few of the finishing touches for the exterior that will help to make your rebuilt car look its best after you fix up the inside.

Finishing Touches: Making Your Rebuilt Car Look Its Best After You've Fixed Up The Inside

Get the Dents Out

One of the best ways to make a car look its best is by making sure that it is dent-free. Finding a professional body shop that offers paintless dent removal is not only a good way to make sure that your car looks its best on the road, but a fantastic way to make sure that your car is handled with care while the repair work is done. Once the dents are out, you’ll have a car that looks much closer to new.

Get a Professional Paint Job

Next up is the paint job. If you’re restoring a classic car, working with a shop that uses classic colors is a great way to get the car back to its former glory. If you restored something a bit more modern, though, it might be a good idea to look at a custom paint scheme that really reflects both the style of the car as well as your own personality. Even taking the time to touch up a fading paint job can pay off in the long run.

Pay Attention to the Tires

Yes, the tires matter here. Think about getting new tires that are going to help your car drive a little more easily and that will also help your car to look its best. Whitewalls can look great on a classic, while a good set of tires and some great new rims can stand out on a modern vehicle. Don’t ignore your tires, especially if you’re looking to bring a specific kind of look together.

Don’t Ignore the Details

Finally, pay attention to the details. If you’re looking at an older vehicle, this might mean finding the original hood ornament. For newer cars, finding the right badging might be key. Likewise, cleaning up the rearview mirrors, replacing any cracks in the windows, and making sure that the lights are all the same brightness can go a long way towards making the car look its best.

Now that your car’s running, you can focus on making it shine. Give it a new coat of paint, get the dents out, put on some new tires, and focus on the little things to make it stand out. With the right care, you can turn any rebuilt car into a modern masterpiece.

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