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Cleaning Back In The Days

Have you ever wondered how people managed to stay clean when there weren’t any detergents, how did they manage to remove tough stains without harsh chemicals. Back in the days housekeepers cleaned greener than we could possible imagine. There are some parts of the world where people don’t have access to commercial cleaners and they manage to keep themselves clean. Before science was involved so much in our everyday life things were much simpler and eco-friendly.

Of course cleaning in the past consumed too much time but women back then didn’t have to go to work. They’ve spend all day cooking, cleaning and taking care for the children things were much easier and simple women were in the house while men were working. Now we have to combine working and managing the house at the same time which leaves us with no time at all for ourselves. In order to save time we purchase machines which in fact consume a lot of our time.

Cleaning Back In The Days

How to Clean Without toxic Chemicals

The same thing is with cleaning, at least I think so therefore I prefer to spend a little more time but I clean the old fashioned was with homemade cleaning solvents. I won’t take you back in medieval times because people weren’t thinking about personal hygiene let alone keeping the house clean. As a home-maker I have enough free time to search the Internet for recipes and after the research and some testing here is what I found, hope you like it it is eco-friendly and effective.

Cleaning upholstery is now easier and environmental friendlier than you can imagine, all you need is some borax, soap flakes and boiling water. After I read the recipe I thought for a second when was the last time I used solid soap and I couldn’t remember. However here is the recipe – take big bowl and mix together six tablespoons of soap flakes and two tablespoons of borax with one pint of boiling water.

Stir well until the dry components have dissolved completely and let it cool a little, then make foam using and eggbeater or pour into a foam dispenser and with a soft brush apply onto the desired area. With a damp sponge rinse the area so no soapy residue remains, if you leave it that way the residue will attract dust and dirt faster and you’ll have to clean it once more. Hope you like the article, I’ll soon write more green cleaning recipes.

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