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Tablet vs smartphone: What to choose?

This is a question a lot of people grapple with and making an informed decision is becoming increasingly difficult as there is an array of options to choose from. At times, the tech lovers may also wonder if they should go with both and it happens when you are unsure of what to choose. Since, they don’t come cheap and ...

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Things We Should Know About Graphics Cards

Graphics cards are dedicated components that can help computers process graphics that will be shown on the display. These cards are built around a processor called the GPU or Graphics Processing Unit and it is the place where the actual process occurs. When it comes to the overall graphics performance, GPU should be considered as the most important feature. AMD ...

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Fundamental revolution taken by the second screen technology

For roughly 60 years, people watched television the same way. People would surround their giant living set, and they’d enjoy the most popular programs of the time. Then the internet arrived, disrupting innumerable businesses with its novel ways in which people could communicate and learn. Thanks to social media and the vast amount of resource databases available online, the entire ...

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