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Benefits of studying in top MCA colleges in Delhi

Computers are prevalent in every business big or small and even in the regular day to day lives of individuals. The omnipresence of computers means that an associated number of computer professionals are required for their production, repair and maintenance. There are many applications of computers which require the skills of professionals which is why many youngsters are opting for a career in computer applications and this looking for the top MCA colleges in Delhi and elsewhere. A degree from one of these colleges will embark you upon a successful and lucrative career which may not be possible with any other post graduate degree.

What Is The Objective Of An MCA Course?

MCA or Masters in Computer Applications is a 3 year degree course which can also be done online or through a distance education program. The aim of the course is as follows:

  • To gain a sound knowledge of the main areas of Computer science or industrial computing
  • To gain substantial understanding of the concepts of computer science
  • To gain the expertise to carry out analysis and synthesis required in computer systems, computer applications and information systems.
  • To gain practical skills enabling the students to address problems which are associated with computer systems and applications

MCA course

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After MCA

After completing an MCA degree a student can opt for higher studies and earn a Phd or MTech degree. If they are not interested in studying further they can straightaway start off on the career path with a reputable organization. The students who have earned an MCA degree have the option to work as programmers, networking professionals, software developers, web developers, graphics designers and similar other positions. A degree from a reputable MCA college will ensure that you get the best salary packages in the market. At the same time, if you have exceptional talents and skills then you can also get a job in one of the ace companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and others.

Why You Should Opt For An MCA Degree

Most post graduate degrees like MA, MSc etc. are aimed at gaining mere theoretical knowledge. If you wish to create a career based on one of these disciplines then it requires years of study, and you need to keep in consideration that the job opportunities based on these are fast depleting. On the other hand MCA is a course aimed at gaining practical knowledge which arms you to take on practical situations immediately. This is also the reason that most organizations prefer MCA students. On the other hand the scope of other disciplines is limited while computer applications is a field which is required in almost every industrial sector.

Eligibility For MCA Course

You need to complete 3 year graduation preferably in computer applications. Many colleges have a minimum requirement of marks in the graduation exam that you need to score. Apart from this some MCA colleges also conduct their own entrance exams which you may have to qualify. The top MCA colleges have stringent standards as far as their entrance eligibility is concerned.

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