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Airsoft Games As Alternative Sports

Sports hobbies like football, basketball and baseball are too common these days. This should be a good time for us to try something new. In fact, anything that involves near constant physical activity, tactics, suspense and adrenaline rush can be considered a kind of sports. Airsoft is a relatively new activity and it is a game where we use a type of gun. Airsoft guns use compressed air, electricall-powered gearbox, bolt action or manual spring. Visually, they are direct replica to real-life firearms, such as AK-74, M-16 and MP5. They could feel like real, especially those that are made of metal and wood, depending on the types of gun. In an airsoft game, players are grouped as opposing teams in a specific battleground. The goal is to hit players from the opposing team with plastic pellets, measuring 6mm in diameter. They are made from plastic and won’t cause injury.

Airsoft fans regularly organize games and meetings in an area that simulates real battlefield that include walls, bunkers, towers, base, obstacles and others. This will help them to create realistic battle scenarios and apply common military tactics. The game applies an honor system, where players should admit honestly if they are hit by plastic pellets. Although players use protective gears, a hit should be felt. As an alternative form sports, airsoft players could expend roughly the same amount of energy spent by moderate-intensity, start-stop sports, like baseball. In both activities, players don’t run and walk all the time. It is important for them to know when to stay still, walk and run; when the situation demands. Baseball and airsoft also requires a great deal of strategy to achieve a win. During an airsoft session, players could be expected to perform various tactical manoeuvres that require them to run continuously during specific phases of the game.

Airsoft Games As Alternative Sports

A common strategy is to outflank enemy positions and this will require players to walk and run to specified spots to get behind the enemy position and attack it from different directions. Many airsoft sessions are played by teams with equal strengths and this will encourage them to spot weakness of the other team. When seeking to exploit opportunities, players often need to move constantly and look for holes in opponent’s defence line. Often, players need to outrun their opponents to get to advantageous positions, such as high grounds, bunkers and players. This will require them to move constantly whenever needed. One skirmish in a moderately-sized area may last for up to 30 minutes until specific goals are achieved, such as until one of the team is wiped out or a defensive position is taken.

Like some sports, airsoft players also need to wear battle gear to provide them with some amount of protection. It can hurt them quite badly if hit by plastic pellets directly on the skin. Googles are the primary protection to cover our eyes and face. Other protections are elbow pads and knee pads, because players often need to throw themselves to the ground when running.

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