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A Traveler’s Tour To Your Bedroom

In the age we live in, it is easier than ever before to travel to nearby cities or even around the world. However, people are not the only thing who is traveling. There are creatures that will tag along with you for the ride and decide to settle in your place. Not only they will not be paying rent, but they aim to suck you dry as well.

A Traveler's Tour To Your Bedroom

A Bed Bug’s Quest for Food

A common misconception is that bed bugs infest only houses that are not clean and there is low hygiene in them. Thing is, they can be found just as easily in a down rotten house as they are in a five-star hotel. All they need is a way in and can use people as a means of transportation.

Think of them in a similar way you see mosquitoes. They too can track you from great distances and travel to meet you. But unlike mosquitoes, they know that you can carry them around and so, it is common for them to hide in your luggage or cling on your clothes. And before you know it, you will need a professional bed bug treatment to deal with them.

So, if you notice that you have bite marks on you that may look like a mosquito’s but slightly different and in rows instead of random patterns, or you start finding small bloodstains on your bed, it is time to have a thorough look around your house.

Killing an Adapted Predator

Usually people decide to get rid of them on their own. Problem is, bed bugs can handle almost anything you throw at them and they are not as easy to trick as other pests. For example glue strips are not going to stop them, nor will a moat filled with water. They can simply climb to the ceiling and drop on you from there.

They are also quite resistant to chemicals. If you plan to do a bed bug treatment on your own, at least make sure that the pesticides or any other chemicals you are going to use, can kill them. Then you will need to look for any place they can reside and any crack in the walls from where they can come inside your house or hide.

When looking for an enemy who has adapted to live along with us, you will need more than the average methods. And you thought that cockroaches are hard to kill.

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