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7 iPhone Hacks

The iPhone has come a very long way since it was first released in 2007. The iPhone has been a huge success and worth the risk taken by Apple. The capabilities of the iPhone seem endless. The iPhone is one of the most efficient smartphones on the market. There are so many tricks and clever hacks but we are only going to touch on a few of the most important.

7 iPhone Hacks

  1. There are infinite password possibilities. Apple was very smart when they implemented this extra bit of security. You have the option to create a numeric password or an alphanumeric password. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Create a quick access to your favourite sites. Don’t bother going through Safari trying to find your most beloved sites, just add them to your home screen. Next time you’re browsing tap “Export” at the bottom of the screen and choose “Add to home screen”. An icon will then appear on your home screen, making it quick and easy for you to access your sites.
  3. Speed up your typing by double tapping the space bar. It will enter a period and a space so you don’t have to.
  4. For silent but effective alerts, turn on your LED flashlight for alerts. Any time you’re in a place and having your phone on loud isn’t an option, the LED light will give you the notification you need with the flash of a light.
  5. If you want to figure out why your batter is draining and which app is the culprit, go to Settings and Battery. There will be a list of apps with a percentage. The percentage represents how much of that battery that that particular app is using.
  6. When you shake your iPhone, it will prompt you to “Undo Typing”. It’s a lot faster than holding down the backspace when you’ve had seconds thoughts about that thought.
  7. Swipe down to view your notification widgets. If you want to edit your notification panel, swipe down, tap Today, scroll and click Edit. You can add widgets you want to see and delete the ones you don’t.

From 2007 to 2015, the iPhone still has the ability to make waves in the world of technology. With each new iPhone comes a whole new set of iPhone hacks. These hacks are available to any iPhone locked to a network or an unlocked UK iPhone. Take your iPhone to the next level by trying out these hacks for yourself.

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