Saturday , 6 June 2020
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How To Use Twitter To Promote Our Business?

For quite a few years, social media networks are all the rage and many businesspeople have been quite active in them. Twitter is one of the more popular platforms and it’s easy to send out tweet after tweet. If we have large enough followers, we can update them regularly to inform them about new updates. As an example, restaurant owners ...

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Things We May Miss By Not Franchising Our Business

We have seen experts’ statements about the real costs of franchising, but we should also know why the idea of not franchising our business can also be potentially costly. The cost of franchising a business can be as high as $150,000, but we may actually lose more when we fail to franchise our business. Granted, some businesses can’t be franchised ...

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Essential Components Of Online Businesses

Every business area has a set of tools that are needed to allow professionals succeed in their trade. The online business world is in no way different and it also requires different components to work. It is easy to differentiate between online business and brick-and mortar one. It is often said that online businesses require fewer or even no paid ...

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How To Reduce Risks When Buying A Business

It is often said that the safest way to start a business is by buying one, instead of starting one. However, this may not be true. In reality, Business start-ups have the highest failure rate, both the new and purchased. This could happen because the new owner still doesn’t have proper plan and preparation. However, if our ideas and business ...

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How Employee Theft Can Harm Our Business?

Thousands of businesses fail every year and many of them fail within the first three years after their establishment. Even the right business may fail at the wrong condition. Accepted and well-known causes of failures may include unexpected global pressures, inattention to customer needs, runaway costs, under capitalization and intense competition. Business failure could also be caused by the lack ...

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